What We are doing

Genius Associates (Pvt) Ltd

We directly import Computers Accessories from reputed manufacturers in Singapore,China, Dubai, Malaysia and Thailand on a regular basis & these accessories are assembled at our Company by our Qualified & Experienced Engineers & Technicians, under the Brand name DLC. It is the policy of the Company to test all imported accessories for its quality. As a result of this stringent quality measures, today our own brand “DLC” stands tall among its competitors. We also obtained ISO certification for our own product “DLC” and servicing and maintenance of Computers in the year 2005. We also have diversified in to many areas in the industry such as Software development, Maintenance and servicing of Computers and other IT equipment (Including Network with server system), Renting of Computers and Printers on short term and long term basis, Network Structure designing and cabling, Sever installation, Printers, Scanners, Video Surveillance Systems, Attending Systems and Security Systems installation and maintaining, Renting service for Presentation AV equipment (Projector, Projector Screen and Sound system with cord and cordless Mics) and total IT solutions.

 The Solution Company

We have expertise in providing automated total solutions to customers including installation of interfaces, development of customized software in Windows environments. We can with confidence assert that we have been successful in producing Quality, State of the Art Solutions for different segments in the economy to the full satisfaction of our customers.

We also specialize in Design, Installation and maintenance of networks and server configurations in leading networking software environments.

We also specialize in providing Total IT solutions to all segments of the economy covering Financing, Manufacturing, Service Trade, General Trading, Health Sector etc.

We can with Confidence claim that many reputed Companies, Government Departments & Universities are our regular customers, which we believe is a credit to our Reliable & Prompt after sales Service. Further, our policy is to provide solutions rather than just selling boxes.

As solution Company we are providing the total Security Solution for your Home, Office including Security Door Access Systems, GSM Alarm panels, CCTV Camera Systems to capture the 24/365 all the movements.

Also we are providing Networks Bandwidth optimizing solutions including reporting, Firewall Solutions and many more as your requirements.

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